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Linda Williams Griffin, a native Texan, is a counselor with extraordinary ability and knowledge in the use of Astrology & Tarot Cards.  This talent has helped her clients discover their true selves, enabling them to achieve the most from their inner strengths.  Ms. Griffin has been professionally involved with Tarot of over 30 years & her experience as an Astrologer dates to 1975. 

Linda has completed extensive research into Philosophy, Comparative Religions, Parapsychology & Metaphysics.  Her workshops & Seminars have been given in Texas, New York, Georgia, California, Connecticut & Santa Fe, New Mexico.  They are:

'Learning Astrology'
'The Journey of the Tarot'
'Having it All'
'Visualization & Meditation'

As an accomplished public speaker, Linda is in constant demand by groups & organizations for motivational talks as well as informational speeches.  She has spoken before many groups nationally, including the National Home Builders Conference, Henry S. Miller Realtors and was a presenter at the S.W. Chemical Dependency Conference and the American Federation of Astrologers in Chicago.


Linda believes, "You become what you think about..."  Her motivational classes on techniques for imaging and visualization illustrate how to change your thinking and bring what you want into your life.  A large client following attests to the effectiveness of her techniques in reducing stress, getting in balance, and having a fuller, happier life.


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Professional Memberships & Credentials
American Federation of Astrologers
Texas Association of Alcohol & Drug Addictions Counselors
National Association of Alcohol & Drug Addictions Counselors
bulletB.A. from Texas Christian University
bulletMasters in Dispute Resolution from SMU
bulletRegistered Hypnotist
bulletLicensed Chemical Dependency Counselor
bulletAccomplished National Public Speaker
bulletWorkshops & Seminars

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